What Effect Does Salt Have On Your Weight? Some Interesting Data!

I want to discuss the topic of sodium, the main ingredient in salt.

I always check the labels of any food packaging that I am thinking of buying at the grocery store. As I go down the list, many times everything checks out except the sodium.

I feel so disappointed as I have to put it down, and continue my search through other brands.

Do you ever check the sodium content in food packaging?

Well if you aren’t, then you definitely should! And today you are going to learn why.

US Department of Health and Human Services recommend that healthy adults limit their daily sodium intake to less than 2,300 mg — the equivalence of one teaspoon of salt, however he CDC estimates that the average American adult eats 3,400 mg every day!

The truth is that even if you think that you don’t consume a lot of salt, chances are that you might be. Think about it – almost everything we buy in a package has salt on it.

Even beverages like Gatorade has sodium on it. Also, condiments like ketchup and soy sauce are packed with sodium. And one by one throughout the day it begins to add up.

So how does sodium affect your weight?

Eating salt won’t make you gain weight per se.

However, in a study done in 2015, researchers reported that eating an extra gram of salt each day increased the risk of obesity in children by 28% and in adults by 26%. They suspect that salt may change the way our bodies burn fat.

And several studies done linked high-salt diets with an increase of obesity in schoolchildren, and an 11% rise in the amount of calories adults consume. The reason suggested is because people eat more since the salt makes the food taste good.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me!

Should you cook with salt?

I almost never cook with salt. Even when I buy seasoning I always buy the no-salt one.

I know what you are thinking, “food won’t taste good if I don’t add salt!”

In that case, you haven’t tried adding a lot of herbs and spices to your food when you are cooking.

Trust me, this works. It will give your food so much flavor no one will even know that you it doesn’t have any salt on it.

And even if the food still tastes a little bland to you, that is because your palette has not adjusted.

The more food without any salt that you eat, the less you will notice the difference in taste.

In fact, there will come a time when you will eat something and think it is salty, and everyone eating with you doesn’t.

Super cool right!

But if you still need to add a little salt to your food to make it taste better and help you stick with your diet, then go ahead, a little salt has never killed anybody.

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