My First Drawing Done On Procreate Using My New iPad (Mickey Mouse)

For Christmas I ordered myself a new iPad. One of the reasons I bought it was because I wanted to use it to draw with it. As a kid, I loved to draw. When I was about 12 years old, I used to say I wanted to be a cartoonist. I like to think that I was talented at drawing, as I remember winning awards in elementary school.

As I got older and busier with life, I stopped drawing. Not even working in an Architecture firm, do I get to draw. We use software that draws everything for us. And although the software makes work 10x times easier, no one would ever stop and admire a printed drawing with the eyes that one admires an old drawing done in paper with a pencil by one of my bosses before computers ever existed.

When I did my research, most websites said that the app Procreate was the best for drawing on an iPad. The first thing I drew when I got my hands on it was Mickey Mouse. It came out pretty good for being my first drawing with an apple pencil.

Although digital drawings is cool and fun, it doesn’t replace the feeling of drawing or painting in real paper with a pencil or paint brushes. When drawing in the iPad, it feels fake.

There is something magical about getting your hands dirty with ink or paint. In that aspect, it was disappointing. However, I’m hoping that the fact that I can essentially never run out of paint and brushes, and I can carry them with me everywhere I go in a 10″ device, will encourage me to continue to pursue this passion and hobby of mine.

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